Earn enough points and your order could be free!

Elizabeth Besich Rewards is an exciting new program that allows you to get rewarded with points on every purchase, referral and social share. Your earned points can be used to deduct the cost of purchases.

Every member is automatically signed up into the exciting program and will start earning points on every purchase.

Earn Rewards for Purchasing
Earn 1 point for every dollar spent
Every 15 points can be used to take $1 dollar off your next order.
150 points earned is equivalent to $10.00 off.

Earn Rewards for Referrals
You and your referral could earn 150 points once your referral spends $50.00 or more.

150 points is equivalent to $10.00 off your next purchase!
That’s a win-win.

Earn Rewards for Liking & Sharing on Social Media

Earn 1 pont for liking us on Facebook and liking each post

Earn 1 point for liking us on Twitter and retweeting

Earn 1 point for following us on Instagram

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